Celox Granules

Celox Granules

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Celox granules are quick to apply, just pour the granules into the injury,  before applying pressure and stopping the bleeding. 

Celox quickly forms a plug that stops the bleeding. For major arterial hemorrhage, maintain pressure for 3-5 minutes to ensure hemorrhage is controlled.

The Celox granules mould to the shape of the wound to get firm pressure on to the source of the bleeding even in complex shaped injuries.

Use on:
Arterial and venous bleeding
Life-threatening bleeding
Complex and deep wounds

Celox has been shown to:

Save lives
Reliably stop arterial bleeding.
Clot hypothermic blood.

Celox has been extensively safety tested, produces no heat and is non-allergenic. The product contains no minerals and residual chitosan material breaks down in the body, making Celox the safe, proven choice.


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