ITK-Individual Trauma Kit
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ITK-Individual Trauma Kit

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The Individual Trauma Kit is intended to treat life threatening traumatic injuries. Such as amputations, punctures, deep cuts, and abrasions. It is a compact kit that can easily be stowed in the glove box of a vehicle, or anywhere in the home or jobsite. It is a great kit to supplement a preexisting jobsite or home first aid kit with EMS level trauma, and bleeding control tool.



Suggested Use



Controls Moderate to Severe Bleeding

Nitrile Gloves (XL)

1 pr

Prevent Body Fluid Contact

Chem Light


Emergency illumination
and signaling

Emergency  Bandage 4”


Control External Bleeding

Rolled Gauze 4.5”

4.1 yrds

Secure Wound Dressing

Rolled Gauze 2.25”

2 x

3 yrds

Secure Wound Dressing

Elastic Bandage 3”


Secure Bandages, Muscle/Joint Support

Ab Pad 5” x 9”


Control External Bleeding

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