Stock Set-Foliage Green
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Stock Set-Foliage Green

Price: $60.00
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Foliage Green Clearance Sale!
Easy Ordering for a Complete Foliage Green Stock Set

Handguards (Select One)
C3-Carbine Handguard
C4-"M4 Style" Handguard Single Heat Shield 
C5-Fat Rifle Length
C6-Fat Mid-Length
C7-Rifle Length
C8-Standard Mid-Length

Stocks (Select One)
C1-A1 Length Buttstock Shell with Short Screw Only
C1-A1 Length Buttstock with Injection Molded Buttplate Assembly and Sling Swivel +$15.00
C1-A1 Length Buttstock with A2 Style Hard Buttplate Assembly and Sling Swivel +$30.00
C2-Commercial Telestock Stock Body with Latch Hardware and Sling Swivel +$10.00

Pistol Grip
C9-A2 Style Pistol Grip

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